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Have a thrilling celebration of your child’s birthday!

Dodgeball Spin is a unique sports game that's friendly, dynamic, safe, team oriented and above all fun. It's structured in a way that all the players play all the time. It builds team work, confidence and resilience.

Dodgeball Spin at
your child's birthday

  • By having Dodgeball spin's team – Dodgeball Spin at your child’s birthday party, you will become the coolest parent of the day.
  • Children will be running, throwing, catching, dodging, screaming with excitement.
  • We can come where ever you need us to.
  • All we need is a flat space of about 16x8m, either indoors or outdoors.
  • Dodgeball Spin birthday party is lots of fun and everybody will be equally included.
  • It’s the perfect game for both boys and girls! We have blue and red bibs.
  • We use neoprene balls that don’t hurt and we can provide knees protection.
  • It's safe and fun to hit someone without anyone getting hurt.

Party Costs

  • $180 for up to 20 kids for 1 hour of games (2x30 minutes games plus a break in between of about 15 minutes for water and snacks)
  • $220 for 21-30 kids for 1 hour of games (2x30 minutes plus break...)
  • To secure your date and time we need you to pay $50 deposit to our account and the balance closer to the date of party. In case of bad weather, you may reschedule or cancel the party in which case the payment will be fully refunded.
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