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One ball - many stars!

Dodgeball Spin is a unique sports game that made dodgeball to be friendly, safe, team oriented and above all fun.

It's structured in a way that all the players play all the time. It builds team work and resilience.


One ball – many stars!

Temporary elimination of players when hit – rotation introduced.

Hit player goes out and still plays from the outside, but comes back in after 3 more rotations.

No sitting out time, no pain, no hurt feelings.

No specific skills required – anybody can play.

Kids and adults can play in the same team – but in this case “adults can’t hit” rule is applied.

Adults can still be targets, catch and pass the ball. They just can’t score by hitting anybody.

Dodgeball Spin is suitable for athletic and less athletic kids and adults.

This is a non-contact sport with very low rate of injuries.
Kids love it because it’s fun. Parents love it because it’s safe and fair game. Exercise is a bonus.

Have you ever had enough of Dodgeball?

Benefits of Dodgeball Spin

  • Running, throwing, dodging, catching - it all helps building muscular endurance.
  • The excitement of “running for your life” makes it fun, so the kids don’t even notice that they are exercising.
  • Being hit but having a chance to come back builds resilience and confidence.
  • Being hit but having a chance to come back builds resilience and confidence.


  • We use soft balls that don’t hurt. We provide knees protection.
  • Scoring table is clearly visible to all players.
  • Training bibs in two different colours are provided.
  • Field markers are clearly visible and there is no tripping hazard.



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