Dodgeball Spin Competitions

A friendly version of Dodgeball – play with your child! Players’ participation will help some kids and teenagers to cope while fighting cancer.​
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The fire is on!

Dodgeball Spin is a unique sports game that made dodgeball to be friendly, safe, team oriented and above all fun.
It's structured in a way that all the players play all the time. It builds team work and resilience.

Method & Rules

How we play  Dodgeball Spin


Play Dodgeball Spin together with your child

Birthday Party

Have a thrilling celebration of your child’s birthday!

Children just want to play.
Dodgeball Spin doesn’t require training.

Just throw, catch, dodge, pass, hit, run!
Dodgeball Spin is a unique game with special rules that enable kids and adults playing together in the same competition. Check how we do it...

We are helping Canteen
helping kids and teenagers living with cancer.

Every player will receive a bandana that we purchase from Canteen and support them that way. Players will wear it proudly knowing that they are giving some of their excess energy to those that really need it. The bandanas will be the colours of your team (instead of uniforms).

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